AAOA Joins Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce to Address Opioid Misuse and Abuse

AAOA Delivers Keynote Remarks at the 2018 Human Resource Forum

DAYTON, Ohio, March 22, 2018 — Allied Against Opioid Abuse (AAOA) joined the Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce at its annual 2018 Human Resources Forum today to discuss new approaches to addressing the nation’s prescription opioid abuse epidemic and how to empower the workforce to prevent misuse.

AAOA is a national coalition bringing together national, state and local partners to raise awareness about safe use, storage and disposal of opioids, while also educating about how to prevent abuse and misuse in communities across the country. AAOA works with community organizations in Ohio, like the Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce, to promote best practices around the proper storage and safe disposal of opioid pain medicines.

“Addressing opioid abuse in the Dayton area is a collective effort between businesses, governments and nonprofits,” said Christopher Kershner, Executive Vice President of the Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce. “We are glad to have Allied Against Opioid Abuse joining us to support this important discussion.”

More than 70 percent of employers say they have felt the direct impact of prescription drug misuse in their workplace, according to a survey from the National Safety Council.

At the event, AAOA and the Dayton Chamber focused on how to best identify potential risks in the workplace and what steps employees can take to understand their rights, risks and responsibilities associated with prescription opioid treatments.

Ashley Mack, MPA, from the Montgomery County Alcohol, Drug Addiction and Mental Health Service, highlighted additional resources to help businesses manage and respond to the state’s opioid crisis, including:

Today’s event was the first of several AAOA engagements designed to support and coordinate opioid prevention efforts across local organizations in Ohio.

“We all have a significant part to play in addressing the complex and devastating opioid abuse epidemic,” said John Parker, Senior Vice President of Communications for the Healthcare Distribution Alliance, AAOA’s founding partner. “Allied Against Opioid Abuse will continue to engage in communities across Ohio — helping to bring together a broad range of stakeholders, including the employer community, to talk about the opioid abuse epidemic, highlight available resources and develop solutions to combat this public health crisis.”

“The opioid epidemic has taken a toll on children, families and our local workforce,” said Kelly Geers, Director of Workforce and Community Development, Learn to Earn Dayton, another local AAOA partner. “It is important that we work with organizations like AAOA to help increase awareness and educate ourselves on how we can each be a part of the solution for our community.”

Safely storing and disposing of opioids are important parts of addressing the opioid epidemic. AAOA provides patients, providers, pharmacists and the public with resources and actions they can take to reduce instances of opioid abuse and misuse. Materials are available at www.AgainstOpioidAbuse.org/Act.

For all press inquiries, please contact Press@AgainstOpioidAbuse.org.

Katie Deland, Allied Against Opioid Abuse Ohio, and Ashley Mack, MPA, Montgomery County Alcohol, Drug Addiction and Mental Health Service

About Allied Against Opioid Abuse
Allied Against Opioid Abuse is a national education and awareness initiative to help prevent abuse and misuse of prescription opioids. Founded by the Healthcare Distribution Alliance, the initiative is a collaborative effort with diverse partners across the pharmaceutical supply chain, as well as organizations that are experts in public health and healthcare, including Alliance for Aging Research, American Physical Therapy Association, Caregiver Action Network, Healthcare Leadership Council, Mental Health America, National Alliance of State Pharmacy Associations, National Community Pharmacists Association, National Council on Patient Information and Education and the PA Foundation. Our goal is to contribute to solving the opioid crisis in a meaningful way by educating patients about their rights, risks and responsibilities. To learn more, visit www.AgainstOpioidAbuse.org or follow us on Twitter: @AAOA_Tweets.

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