AAOA Joins Connecticut Stakeholders to Raise Awareness About Opioid Misuse Prevention

HARTFORD, Conn., June 27, 2018 Public health leaders gathered yesterday in Hartford to share best practices and resources that are helping to combat the opioid crisis in the state. The roundtable event was hosted by Allied Against Opioid Abuse (AAOA) and brought together stakeholders from Connecticut’s healthcare and business communities to hear how other sectors are addressing the prescription opioid abuse epidemic.

“Patient education is critical to helping communities across Connecticut respond to this epidemic,” Susan Bouffard, PhD, with the Connecticut Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services. “The better informed patients are about the risks associated with opioid medicines and about alternative pain treatments, the bigger impact we can make in preventing these pills from ending up in the wrong hands.”

AAOA is a national educational initiative convening stakeholders across the country to raise awareness about the rights, risks and responsibilities associated with opioid use and to discuss best practices for addressing the issue in the community.

“As the prescription opioid abuse epidemic continues to take its toll on families nationwide, it is important for stakeholders in every community to collaborate and find ways to raise awareness about this complex issue,” said John Parker, Senior Vice President of Communications with the Healthcare Distribution Alliance, AAOA’s founding member. “AAOA is pleased to partner with these groups that are leading the way to mitigate opioid use disorder in Hartford and across the state.”

In addition to AAOA, representatives from AIDS CT, Connecticut Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services, Connecticut Business & Industry Association, Connecticut Retail Merchants Association, International Union of Operating Engineers Local 478, UConn Health Emergency Medical Services and the City of New London took part in the roundtable discussion.

“Safely storing and disposing of any old or leftover pills is critical to preventing opioid use disorder,” Shawn Lang, Deputy Director of AIDS Connecticut and Appointed Member to the Connecticut Alcohol and Drug Policy Council. “Educating about safe storage and disposal and encouraging these behaviors is critical to address the opioid epidemic.”

AAOA and its national partners have created online resources to help patients, providers, pharmacists and the public understand the importance of safe and proper use, storage and disposal of prescription opioids available at www.AgainstOpioidAbuse.org.

For all press inquiries, please contact Press@AgainstOpioidAbuse.org.

Public health and community leaders gather in Hartford, Conn., to discuss collaborative efforts to combat the opioid abuse epidemic.

About Allied Against Opioid Abuse

Allied Against Opioid Abuse is a national education and awareness initiative to help prevent abuse and misuse of prescription opioids. Founded by the Healthcare Distribution Alliance, the initiative is a collaborative effort with diverse partners across the pharmaceutical supply chain, as well as organizations that are experts in public health and healthcare, including Alliance for Aging Research, American Physical Therapy Association, Caregiver Action Network, Healthcare Leadership Council, Mental Health America, National Alliance of State Pharmacy Associations, National Community Pharmacists Association, National Council on Patient Information and Education and the PA Foundation. Our goal is to contribute to solving the opioid crisis in a meaningful way by educating patients about their rights, risks and responsibilities. To learn more, visit www.AgainstOpioidAbuse.org or follow us on Twitter: @AAOA_Tweets.